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Powdered Cappuccino

Instant cappuccino is a special treat that not many hospitality businesses offer, so why not break away from the pack and add this delicious beverage to your selection. Grindstone Café has made it easy to get their signature cappuccino taste from a tiny packet. With cappuccino packets from Grindstone Café and Aroma Coffee Midwest, you can have the same great flavor that you would get from the expensive chains for a fraction of the cost.

Instant cappuccino is easy to make and tastes like it was freshly pressed. Giving your customers or employees more options will increase satisfaction and giving them a great option like Grindstone Café instant cappuccino packets is a no-brainer.

If you, your customers and employees like options, then Aroma Coffee Midwest is your one stop shop for all things coffee related. We carry all the products you need to build a large selection of beverages for your morning guest table, break room, or anywhere else people need a morning pick-me-up. Shop Aroma Coffee Midwest today for the best from Grindstone Café.

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Grindstone Cafe French Vanilla Cappuccino 25 packets in each Box
Price: $16.95
Grindstone Cafe French Vanilla Cappuccino 25 packets in each Box
Grindstone Cafe French Vanilla Cappuccino Packets 25 count Box
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